Year: 2015

Season’s Greetings

We hope you are enjoying the holiday season. Our next post will be in January.

Energizing Virginia

Due to passage of the federal solar Investment Tax Credit and improvements in manufacturing panels that capture energy from the sun, solar power costs have decreased significantly nationwide. However, here in Virginia, communities have yet to benefit. That could slowly

William’s Way

After we became friends while attending college in upstate New York, my best man and fellow real estate developer, William D. Manns Jr., would always introduce me as: “Jube Shiver, the only person I know who has a street named

Back to School Respite

We are off this month. Hope everyone enjoyed their summer. Our regular blog posts will return in October.

Across the Pond…

Last Spring, I traveled to London, Paris, and Amsterdam for vacation but also managed to spend some time comparing U.S. housing to homes that folks live on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. First stop London. I was fortunate

Stuck in Traffic

A huge factor in making housing affordable is access to transportation. If you can’t easily get to and from your job, stores and other public places, transportation costs could actually be a drain on your financial situation and personal time.

Summer Vacation

We are off this month. Our regular blog posts will return in July.

Homelessness — A Personal Story

Nearly two decades ago, after relocating from the country roads of Mississippi to the city streets of Alexandria, Virginia, my family became homeless. Our fall into hard times placed us among the thousands every year who must rely on emergency

An Unconscionable Choice

There was no way around it.  To obey the law, I had to force my tenant to make an unconscionable choice: drop out of college or lose your home. This was not the sort of thing I envisioned I would


    Welcome to the inaugural post of the new blog of Shiver Management Group, a real estate company with long and deep roots in Northern Virginia. This blog is our effort to improve communications with our tenants, vendors and homeowner