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Keep the lights on

A recent spate of winter storms reminded me how desperately the county—and indeed the region and nation—need to get on board with installing electric and communications utility lines, below ground. Weather and falling tree branches cause 40 percent of power

A Free Press

I‘ve been absent from these pages these past few months because much of my time has been consumed by activities involving, not housing and property management, but my former profession: journalism. In July I attended the closing of the Los

Affordable Housing Shortage

In the wake of the nationwide affordable housing shortage, the federal government has proposed tripling rents for the poorest tenants receiving federal housing assistance and encouraging some 4.5 million households enrolled in federal voucher and public housing programs to shorten

Bugging Out

Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite is a phrase many of us heard during childhood and, later, paid little attention to once we became adults. But according to Orkin – the Atlanta-based pest control company – there

Election Motivation

Election observers have long lamented the fact that only roughly half of registered voters cast ballots in presidential elections, and even fewer vote in other races. A 2008 study by Stanford University researchers Joshua Harder and Jon A. Krosnick found

We’re Back. . . and Looking Forward to 2017

It is great to be back, after suspending our blog several months ago to complete our office move to a new location in Alexandria. And as we settle in to welcome in a new year, we are thankful for the

Moving Our Offices

We will be moving our offices over the next few weeks and hope to resume posting later this summer.

Women in Construction

Although women working in construction numbered just 1.2 percent of the entire U.S. workforce in 2013, an increasing number of construction industry vendors that we do business with are headed by women or employ women. Our experience is apparently an

Spring Break

We will have a new post in May.

Ghost Tenants

Nowhere is the nation’s affordable housing crisis more evident than in the rise of a phenomenon known as “ghost tenants,” or people attempting to live in government subsidized affordable housing, secretly, off lease. At Spring Garden Apartments, the number of